Rubber expansion pipes are intended for compensating the temperature deformations in the main pipelines with the inside diameter from 800mm to 1200mm designed for the working pressure of up to 1.6MPa.

  • These devices feature the unique compensating properties due to deformation capacity of up to ± 150mm at the above specified main pipeline technical operating conditions.
  • Rubber expansion pipe operating temperature range: conveyed fluid temperature from – 30°C to + 80°C, ambient temperature from – 40°C to + 60°C.

For more detailed information, see the "Industrial rubber pipes" catalogue.

Primary purpose of rubber expansion pipe:

  • compensation of the main pipeline linear displacement (tension/compression) caused by temperature difference between the environment and conveyed fluid;
  • compensation of misalignments occurring in pipelines including in those installed the seismically active regions (due to earthquake shocks and ground vibrations resulting in the potential ground subsidence);
  • facilitating the cross-country laying of main pipeline.

Manufacture of rubber expansion pipes according to the individual Customer’s requirement specification is available.

  • Expansion absorbers for main pipelines - 1

Number of expansion pipes required for the main pipeline system is calculated based on following parameters:

mainline diameter; pipeline length (distance between fixed supports).

local climatic features; conveyed fluid temperature characteristics.

compensating capacity of product (rubber expansion pipes).