We offer the wear-resistant rubber pipes for pressure, gravity and suction pipeline systems.

  • Rubber pipe diameter: from 50 to 960mm, length: up to 6 meters.
  • Rubber pipes are designed for pressure of up to 1.6MPa or vacuum of up to 0.08MPa depending on the operating conditions and installation location.

For more detailed information, see the "Industrial rubber pipes" catalogue.

The rubber pipe consists of internal wear-resistant rubber layer reinforced with the load-bearing structure of steel wire and cord fabric, and external protective rubber layer.

The standard type rubber pipe is mounted on preliminary installed cradles with the use of flanged connections.

  • Rubber pipes - 1
  • Rubber pipes - 2
  • Rubber pipes - 3
  • Rubber pipes - 4
  • Rubber pipes - 5
  • Rubber pipes - 6
  • Rubber pipes - 7

Greater diameter pipes are available on Customer’s request

Manufacture is available of metallic pipes lined with wear-resistant rubber layer or polymer composite compound

Manufacture of products according to the Customer’s drawings and technical requirements depending on the specific operating conditions is available