Rubber adapter is the pipeline connecting member intended to connect the pipes of different diameters and to connect the discharge and suction pump unions to the pipeline system, thus providing the flow velocity decrease or increase.


For more detailed information, see the "Industrial rubber pipes" catalogue.

With regard to design and installation method, rubber adapters are similar to elbows and are available with the fixed angle of 10 or 20 degrees and transition to different diameters of up to 960mm.

Following flanged adapter designs are available: rubber-coated steel flange/steel swivel flange on either side or both sides.


  • Rubber adapters - 1
  • Rubber adapters - 2

Manufacture is available of metallic adapters lined with wear-resistant rubber layer or polymer composite compound

Manufacture is available of adapters with the mounting dimensions for any existing equipment (various-size pumps, hydrocyclones, etc.) 

Manufacture of products according to the Customer’s drawings and technical requirements depending on the specific operating conditions is available