Flanged flexible coupling (FFC) is the pipeline connecting member intended for absorbing various-type vibrations occurring in pipelines.

  • The FFC is available in diameter range from 50mm to 1400mm and can be completed with tie rods for the easy product mounting (dismantling) in pipeline.

For more detailed information, see the "Industrial rubber pipes" catalogue.

The internal working layer is the wear-resistant rubber based on the natural or synthetic rubber reinforced with the cord fabric.

The FFC is multilayer flexible structure. The mutual displacement of layers relative to each other provides the entire product functional performance. The FFC is usually installed in the pipeline in close proximity to the pumping equipment.

Manufacture of products according to the Customer’s drawings and technical requirements depending on the specific operating conditions is available.

  • Flanged flexible coupling - 1
  • Flanged flexible coupling - 2
  • Flanged flexible coupling - 3
  • Flanged flexible coupling - 4