The penstock is a steel frame with a steel shield (blade), which is the main locking element. The blocking (adjustment) of the liquid flow is carried out by moving the blade along the guides perpendicular to the flow.



For more detailed information, see «Penstocks with electric drives and manual overrides» brochure.

A penstock is used in cases when it is necessary to block the flow of liquids (for complete blocking of the pipe) saturated with a large amount of different impurities, solid fractions, or elsewise to control the volumes of its flow (for the partial blocking of the channel).

Structurally, the penstock consists of: frame (1), yoke (2), blade (3), screwed branch connection (4), reinforcement pads (5) and electric drive (6).

The required level of tightness of the penstock is achieved by creating a zero gap between the interlocking surfaces of the blade and the lower part of the frame.

The penstock blade control is provided by an electric drive with a manual override.

You must mount the penstock in the necessary pipeway in a vertical position using anchors, followed by pouring cement mortar.

  • Penstocks - 1
  • Penstocks - 2

To increase the level of tightness, resistance to wear of the working surfaces of the product during operation, the main working elements of the penstock (namely, its frame, blade and reinforcement pads) are partially rubberized with wear-resistant rubber.

The penstock is functioning in the following modes:

  • open;
  • closed;
  • flow adjustment (partially opened).

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