Information regarding wear-resistant compounds - 2

Epoxy-based compound is the new-generation multipurpose polymeric material used in various industries for equipment component repair, surface restoration and protection, parts junction sealing, etc.

The compound is bonding agent and matrix allowing creation of composite materials (ceramic- and metal-filled, adhesive, filling) on its basis. Addition of specially selected fillers enables adjustment of the resulting material performances.

Specially selected components and formulation, and adherence to process operating procedure at the compound production provide required technical properties of material. These properties include as follows: heat- and chemical resistance, heat conductivity, and number of other properties.

Cured compound lends itself to machining favourably; after applying, shrinkage index is insignificant. Operating temperature – up to 150°C.

The compound features good adhesion to following surfaces: metals, wood, glass, concrete, glass-fiber-reinforced plastic, some plastics with formation of solid integral surface. It is stable when subjected to exposure of fuel and lubricant materials, alcohol esters, salt solutions, most low and mid concentration acids/alkalis.

Product description:

Epoxy resin with mineral filler, liquid, color from light gray to umber.


Repair of pipelines, gate valves, pumps, impellers, shafts, tanks, vessels;

High wear-resistance;

Repair and restoration of molds and castings;

Corrosion and erosion protection;

Restoration of threaded connections, vessel welded seams, bonding of new connections;

Cavitation protection;

Restoration of bearing supporting and mounting seats;

High mechanical strength;

Restoration of light metals and compression-molded parts;

Resistance to various chemical substances;

Manufacture casting patterns and sweeps.

Protective coating for the equipment components.