In order to obtain higher classification efficiency at large slurry feed volumes, our company has developed a size range of compact and easy-to-use hydrocyclone batteries.

The design scheme of the battery can be of several types: with circular or linear, single or multi-deck, vertical or inclined arrangement of hydrocyclones.

The basic version of the hydrocyclone battery includes:

  • a group of radially or linearly arranged hydrocyclones;

  • supporting metal structure (frame);

  • a system of rubber pipelines including clamping devices (if necessary);

  • a distribution chamber and a cleaned liquid collection chamber;

  • thickened slurry tank.

Hydrocyclone plants are manufactured on a turnkey basis.

The company carries out individual calculation, design, completion of hydrocyclones, hydrocyclone batteries in accordance with the customer's requirements and operating conditions.

LLC "New Technologies" performs service maintenance and overhaul of hydrocyclones, hydrocyclone batteries of any manufacturers.

We offer to supply components for hydrocyclones: sand nozzles (made of wear-resistant rubber, silicon carbide and ceramics); drain nozzles.

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  • Hydrocyclone banks - 2
  • Hydrocyclone banks - 3
  • Hydrocyclone banks - 4
  • Hydrocyclone banks - 5
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