New Technologies Ltd.

Industrial rubber pipelines

Our wear-resistant rubber pipelines is modern alternative to metal pipelines, because service life of rubber pipelines considerably exceeds service life of the metal ones.

From wear-resistant rubber we manufacture:

All rubber products are made of various types of rubber (wear-; acid-; alkaline-resistance, depending on service conditions), with flanges/without flanges.

Advantages of ours rubber products:

  • High wear-resistance qualities : nonsusceptibility to mechanical, chemical and temperature influences;
  • Total absence of corrosion;
  • Long service life;
  • Reliable tightness;
  • Considerable decrease in vibration, noise, linear pressure;
  • Elastic elements of pipeline systems compensate thermal deformations of the pipeline;
  • Raised flexibility of all pipeline system allows to lay the pipeline in the limited assembly space, bypassing existing obstacles;
  • Antiadhesive properties to mineral sediments;
  • Convenient installation and dismantle (weight of the rubber pipeline much less than metal one)

Rubber pipes joints Rubber pipes joints Rubber pipes joints