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Hydrocyclones manufactured by New Technologies Ltd. have proved as highly effective devices for classification and division of solids; dehydration, deslimation, clearing industrial sewages. In beneficiation systems hydrocyclones are used as independent devices or can be unite in systems.

Advantages of hydrocyclones manufactured by New Technologies Ltd:

  • High wear-resistance qualities of lining - usage of high-quality materials of a working surface (rubber, silicon carbide).
  • High efficiency of classification - individual selection of geometrical and technological parameters.
  • Stability to external environments and gross weight reduction provides a case material - rustproof, shock-resistant glass fiber plastic.

Technical characteristics of hydrocyclones

Other fields of application of our hydrocyclones:

  • sewage treatment from oil, mechanical impurities on metallurgical, coke, and oil refining enterprises;
  • sewage treatment of galvanic and painting enterprises;
  • a condensation of a mineral sludge before its dehydration;
  • separation of coarsely dispersed impurities, including oils and mineral oil;
  • sewage treatment, polluted by hydrophobic mixes;
  • distillery dregs concentration in DDGS production process.

Our company carries out individual calculation and designing of hydrocyclones, layout schemes of hydrocyclones systems.

We also manufacture accessories for hydrocyclones: apex inserts, overflow and underflow pipelines.

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