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Application of pinch valves

In recent years, the area of application of pinch vales have been considerable wider than 20-30 years ago. Pinch valves have been improved due to improvement in elastomers and reinforcing fabrics.

At present, pinch valves are used in such industries as mining, water treatment, sewage and waste disposal, chemical, food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and other. With proper selection of tube material and design, the pinch valve can offer high abrasion resistance, high corrosion resistance, packless construction, reasonable flow control rangeability, smooth flow with no pockets or obstructions, low replacement costs, and long life with lower costs than metal valves on abrasive or corrosive services. Of course, pinch valves does have limitations of application. There are definite pressure and temperature restraints due to the nature of the elastomer or plastic sleeves involved. The life of the elastomer is also affected by chemical resistance to the fluids, temperature, abrasion, corrosion and external weathering.

The number of stroke cycles during its life is another factor than must be considered in pinch valve application and service life. Generally, pinch valves will operate from the tens to the hundreds of thousands or even in the millions of cycles in some cases. In the areas where abrasion and corrosion are present in combination, the pinch valve is almost unequaled and will generally outlast an alloy metal valve by a ration 5:1 or better. Traditionally, pinch valves are used throughout the mining are ore processing industries for handling of all type of slurries. These range from rather large rock gravel pieces to relatively fine mineral particles. The pinch valve is a natural for this industry and has given excellent service for many years.

In the water and waste treatment industry, the pinch valves handles many difficult fluids such as lime slurry, raw sewage, recycle sludge, grit and garbage particles, grease, slime and other equally obnoxious materials. The flexing of the valve during operation enables it to shed most coatings, and the smooth, unobstructed flow passage enables it to handle anything that will move through the piping. This same capability also makes the pinch valve very useful in areas of the pulp and paper industry, where everything from wood knots and chips to wood fibers must be handled.

In the chemical industry, pinch valves are used on many slurries , erosive or corrosive or both. Also, the pinch valve is a good valve to consider in the handling of pneumatically conveyed solids such as plastic pellets, powders, and similar materials.

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